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Systat version 13

SYSTAT 13 is the latest update of this comprehensive but compact statistical package for personal computers. It is useful more for researchers doing science, social science, or statistics, in academic or commercial labs.

Dialog box items have new, interactive "what's this" help descriptions. New online HTML and context-sensitive help are available. Extensive tool tips are provided. All dialog box input fields show range value in the tool tips. Dialog boxes with limited parameter entries now come with multiple entries; entries can be added or deleted by the user. Individual command files are provided in the SYSTAT directory for over 500 examples in the manual; with simple modifications to suit their data sets, users can run similar analyses effortlessly.

Data may be imported from numerous popular formats, including StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, MINITAB and S+..

Graphics are excellent and makes use of Microsoft's 16M color palette. It provides for more graph customization and improvement. Its new interactive Graph Editor lets you display each individual element name (e.g. Line Plot, Histogram, X-axis Legend etc.) on moving the mouse over the editor. Interactive aesthetic change (Line style, Fill Style Font & Color) of each element is now possible while editing by a right-click. Editing text is done by double-clicking the text elements. The coordinate system can be changed, axes can be set, grid-lines can be hidden or shown, interactively.

The Mersenne-Twister random number generator offers, a powerful random number generator with many desirable properties, to facilitate modern bootstrap and Monte Carlo exercises. SYSTAT 13 now provides more Random Sampling, IID Monte Carlo, and Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms to generate random samples from many standard distributions, not-so-standard distributions, and indirectly specified distributions. These features help you to accomplish your simulation tasks and give you computational help to solve your analytically intractable Bayesian problems.

More details about the features in version 13.

Requirements: Pentium processor; Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP; 150 MB Free Disk Space (inclusive of Manual PDFs - 80 MB); CD-ROM Drive; SVGA Adapter and Monitor. 64 bit version available.

Cost: single-user license with manual is $1275 (government license $1020, academic license $680). Prices do not include shipping. Single user delivered by electronic download is $1,224 (government and non-profit $970, academic $630). No shipping costs for electronic download. Upgrade and site license prices available also.

Information provided by Systat Software Inc.

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