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What was new in NTSYSpc ver. 2.1

bulletThe user interface for NTSYSpc has been redesigned to be easier to use (see the sample screen shots). There is now a User folder in which you can place the icons for the modules you use most frequently. 
bulletInput file formats have not changed - except for a small change in Excel files. Matrices in Excel XLS files can now be read directly by the computational modules -- there is no longer a need to import them using the NTedit program. All matrix types, rectangular, symmetric, etc., are now supported.
bulletThe NTedit program has been revised to include a text mode in which very large ASCII files can be edited (files up to 16MB with line lengths up to 32K). Standard cut, copy, paste, and other text editing commands are supported.
bulletGraphics have been greatly improved and can be called directly from many of the computational modules by the use of speed buttons on a toolbar. The entry forms for the graphics programs have also been simplified since the graphic options are now available from option dialog boxes. You can now control the titles, scale, colors, fonts, line widths, etc. of most aspects of the plots. NTS files can now be loaded into the editor by just double-clicking on them in the Windows Explorer or by right-clicking on them and using the Windows "Send to" feature.
bulletNew computational modules have been added: 
bulletAUTOREGR - Fits an autoregressive model. Used in spatial and phylogenetic "autocorrelation" studies.
bulletPROCRUSTES - Procrustes superimposition of coordinates of 2D or 3D landmarks on specimens or superimpositions of multivariate ordinates of any dimension. Option to ignore reflections.
bulletPROCPLOT - 2D and 3D plots of the results of a Procrustes superimposition.
bulletFOURPLOT - Plot outlines and estimated outlines from the FOURIER module.
bulletMULREG - generalized multivariate multiple regression. Can be used to perform simple bivariate regression, multiple regression, multivariate regression, and generalized least-squares regression (as used for the comparative method).
bulletPLOT - Plot one or more columns of a rectangular matrix against a selected column. Points can be given different symbols and connected by lines
bulletMany computational modules have been revised: 
bulletCONSEN - Input trees can be in the nexus file format.
bulletCOPH - Input tree can be in the nexus format. Path length (additive) distance matrix and phylogenetic covariance matrix can be computed in addition to the usual ultrametric distances.
bulletCVA - Can compute canonical variates scores for individual observations.
bulletFOURIER - Many changes were made to make this module more useful. Linked to the new FOURPLOT module for direct viewing of the results.
bulletMOD3D - Rewritten to provide interactive 3D rotation (drag with the mouse) and better axis labeling. Different symbols can be given to different points. 3D biplots can be produced.
bulletMXCOMP - The Smouse-Long-Sokal (1986) 3-way Mantel test has been added to allow one to study the association between two distance matrices while holding the effects of a third matrix constant.
bulletMXPLOT - Points can be given different symbols. 2D biplots can be produced.
bulletNJOIN - Completely rewritten to greatly increase its speed. Larger datasets (i.e., more than 500 OTUs) can now be processed. Results can be saved in nexus file format or as an extended NTS tree format that allows for unequal heights of the OTUs in the tree. An option has been added for unweighted neighbor-joining trees.
bulletOUTPUT - Supports Excel files and the new tree formats.
bulletPOOLVC - Allows missing values in data when computing the mean and covariance matrices.
bulletTPSWTS - Modified to include a Procrustes superimposition and computation of a consensus configuration. 3D uniform component can now be computed.
bulletTREE - Can now plot trees with unequal heights of the OTUs. Nexus tree files can be read.
bulletGraphics have been improved to include interactive rotation in the 3D plots. Plot options can now be saved and restored. Groups of points can now be given different symbols in MOD3D and MXPLOT. When MXPLOT is called directly by SVD, EIGEN, or PROJ the option to preserve the correct aspect ratio is set automatically.

Sample screen shots for NTSYSpc.

Technical details of what is included in NTSYSpc. A list of what was new in the previous (2.0) version of NTSYSpc.

This file was last modified on 8 September. 2005.

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