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Introduction to Genetics

This DOS-based computer-aided learning package is designed to supplement undergraduate courses in genetics and biology. The nine Units contain more than one hundred individual program lessons covering topics from genetic ratios, mitosis and meiosis to DNA, RNA and chromosome aberrations. Program design is simple and straightforward, with a high degree of interaction. Graphics and animation are included when appropriate.

Self-Contained Lessons - Problem Specific Feedback

Each Unit is self-contained and has a set of learning goals. Lessons use a variety of techniques in presenting the material including interactive tutorials, problem-solving drills, and definitions matching exercises. There are several levels of help available and feedback on incorrect responses is problem-specific. While working through a lesson, students may choose at any time to:
bulletReview lesson instructions
bulletAccess lesson-specific help screens or a built-in calculator
bulletRepeat portions of the lesson, take the Quiz, or Exit

Each Unit has a final Quiz with ten randomly selected questions from a data bank so that students will rarely see the same sequence of questions no matter how many times they repeat the Quiz.

Easy to Use - Interactive!

Everything your students need is built right into the lessons. Active keys are always displayed on-screen. When students need help with math, they can easily access a calculator and when they are uncertain there are plenty of “Help” screens to point the way. Careful coaching on key points plus frequent questions help keep students interested and involved. Utilities Help You Customize the Lessons - Track Student Progress

Included in the package is a Management Utilities disk with two helpful Instructor Utilities. The Text Reference System allows you to add textbook references for each lesson. These can serve as a guide for students who may want further help or review. A Student Management System keeps records of student scores on the Unit Quiz programs. You can view results on screen or print out the quiz scores. Contains the following units:
bulletMendel’s Peas & Genetic Ratios: Monohybrid Inheritance; Incomplete Dominance and Lethals; Dihybrid Inheritance; Trihybrid Inheritance; Genetic Interaction and Epistasis
bullet Chromosomes, Mitosis and Meiosis: Mitosis; Meiosis I & II
bulletSex Determination & Sex Linkage: Sex-Linked Traits - Part A & B; Sex-Influenced Traits; Sex-Limited Traits
bulletHuman Pedigrees: Family Probabilities; Risk Assessment; Consanguinity
bulletMultiple Alleles & Blood Types: Rabbit Coat Color; ABO Blood Groups; Rh Blood Groups; Paternity
bulletDNA, RNA & Proteins: DNA; RNA: Transcription; RNA: Translation; Mutation
bulletCrossing Over & Mapping: Linkage; Two-Point Mapping; Three-Point Mapping: Tutorials; Three-Point Mapping: Exercises; Neurospora
bulletEuploidy & Aneuploidy Euploidy: Haploidy, Diploidy and Triploidy; Euploidy: Polyploids; Aneuploidy: Monosomy; Aneuploidy: Trisomy
bulletChromosome Aberrations: Breakage and Restitution Deletions; Duplications; Inversions and Rings; Translocations.

Requirements: IBM PC, PS/2 or compatible computer, 512 K RAM, EGA or VGA graphics adapter, Compatible color graphics monitor. Runs under Windows and DOS.

Cost: $150. 11 3.5" disks and Instructor's Guide. Multiple user license. .

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