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The Multi-User License pricing policy for programs originally developed by Trinity Software is straightforward:

bulletThe Multi-User License is for a specific campus.
bulletThe License fee is based on the total number of copies used. No distinction is made between installing the programs on a network or hard drives or both as long as the total number of installations (in fact, maximum simultaneous users) does not exceed the number of copies licensed.
bulletThe License fee is a separate purchase in addition to the purchase of the program.
bulletThe License fee is a one-time fee, not subject to annual renewal.
bulletThe fee schedules is:
bullet5 copies (minimum) ............ $400
bulletAdditional Workstations ...... $70/workstation
bulletUnlimited copies (>30)..........$2,550



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Payment can be made by American Express, MasterCard, VISA, money order, or checks drawn on US banks. Institutional purchase orders are also accepted within the USA. Call, FAX, or e-mail to place your order today! Orders will be sent out promptly. Shipping costs. Return policy. Try our convenient Currency converter.

e-mail: sales@exetersoftware.com
1-631 339 4764, Toll-free within USA: 1-888-695-0285
FAX: 1-713-422-2361
P.O. Box 521, E. Setauket, NY 11733 USA
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