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EcoStat, An Ecological Analysis Program

EcoStat now offers these new features:

• data are entered into a spreadsheet style
...data grid
• multiple data windows
• cut, copy and paste within or between
...grids and other software
• load data files from other programs
• label both data rows and columns

In addition, EcoStat has many of the commonly used statistical tests for analyzing ecological data, including:

• Population Estimation using:
... a. One-time Mark/Recapture
... b. Jolly/Seber Mark/Recapture
... c. Schnabel Mark/Recapture
• Density/Cover Analysis


• Population Dispersion Analysis by Spatial
...Analysis for Transect, Quadrat Sampling,
...or Spatial Analysis for Plotless Sampling.
• Importance Value Computation
• Species Diversity Analysis
• Community Similarity Analysis
• Niche breath/overlap
• Life Table Analysis
• Descriptive Statistics

Maximum input for EcoStat is 6000 data cells (max. 100 columns or 2000 rows) which may be imported, entered from the keyboard or randomly generated.


Requirements: This program was written for Windows XP (which is just 32 bit). On Windows 7 and 8 it needs to be run using an emulator such as Microsoft's Virtual PC feature (this is a free add-on from Microsoft). http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx. You can also use the VirtualBox software available at https://www.virtualbox.org. This software is available for free but requires that you already have a copy an older 32-bit version of Windows that you can install to run this older software.

Cost: $125. Multiple user license. .


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